Im just over the whole “trying to be liked” shit, as well as over “trying to be an ideal fantasy creature”.
Im not a living doll, Im prickly and soft and unpleasant and sexy and a universe unto myself. All at once. Im magic and sedentary and cutting. Alot of things that arent cute, even if I am.
Self-acceptance has entailed embracing the shit that makes me “not” a lady, “not” likeable, “not” sexy.


Anonymous asked:

How do you stop overthinking and planning life out in your head?

raychillster answered:

by understanding that stress and over-thinking is unnecessary. it isn’t your job to ponder what will happen next and how it will work out. because life knows how to work itself out for the greater good. life knows how to arrange itself in your favor. understand that you have higher forces who do the overthinking and planning for you. you just need to do the living, learning, and loving.